Do I need Core Aeration?

 Simple answer is YES. Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, which helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger more vigorous lawn. Aeration is essential to keep a healthy lawn. 

Do I need to water my lawn in the winter?

 Some water is good to ensure a healthy return in the Spring. Water the grass just before low temperatures hit, can help protect it from frost damage. 

How do I pay my bill?

 We can easily set you up your account with your credit or debit card. You can call the office and pay over the phone or send a check once the lawn application is complete. If you want to prepay for the year and take advantage of the 5% discount let us know. 

Do your technicians clean off the sidewalks?

YES. We blow off the fertilizer from the sidewalks every time we fertilize your lawn.

When can my children and pets go on the lawn?

 If granular fertilizer is used, you can go on the lawn immediately after the application. If liquid weed control is used, allow the material to dry on the grass before children and pets are allowed on it. Drying time will vary with weather conditions. 

Can I mow the same day as my treatment?

 We recommend that you wait to mow 24 to 48 hours after any liquid application. You can mow immediately after a granular treatment is applied. 

Should I water my lawn after a lawn treatment?

 In most cases when using liquid weed control, fungicide or insecticide, it is not recommended to water immediately afterwards, this will allow the material to be absorbed into the grass plant. When using granular,  or grub control, it is recommended that the material be watered in as soon as possible. 

I have MOLES in my yard, does that mean I have grubs?

 The presence of moles does not necessarily mean there are grubs in the turf grass. The moles main food source is earthworms. Grubs are active only at certain times of the year, and moles will feed on them if they are an available food source.