Our regular year round service is the key to a successful lawn care program with a properly timed seasonal treatments and the most  personalized lawn service available. You will receive eight (8)  regularly scheduled lawn applications, if for any reason you are not  completely satisfied with a treatment, just give us a call and we will  gladly re-treat your lawn at no extra charge.                        


1. Early Season Pre Emergent And Post Emergent:

 Weed control start early in the year, this liquid application of pre and  post emergent weed control, sets up a barrier in the soil to prevent  seeds from germinating while broadleaf weeds such as henbit, dandelions,  clover are also sprayed.                      

2. Spring Fertilizer:

Lawn fertilizer with granular lawn food to promote spring green up.  Pre-emergent  also applied for summer weed control such as crabgrass,  thistle, dandelions, etc. existing weeds are also sprayed.                      

3. Early Summer Fertilizer:

Nourishing fertilizer that will help stimulate and strengthen its roots,  this will aide with the upcoming drought we usually have in the summer.  This treatment ensure your lawn will stay green, weeds will be sprayed  as needed.                      

4. Nutsedge And Grassy Weed:

As soon as it warms up in May, here it comes, Nutsedge is one of the  most cumbersome weeds in North Texas, a good Nutsedge spray will help  alleviate this problem, we will retreat this weed as needed through  september. If this application needs to be repeated , there will be no  charge.                      

5. Late Summer Fertilizer:

Chinch bug control with iron in St. Augustine. And lawn fertilizer with  granular lawn food with slow release, this allows the turf to maintain  an even color for a longer period.

6. Grub Control:

The grub application is included in our basic program to target the grub  when it is actively feeding turf grass roots. Tiff lawns require  this  application due to their susceptibility to this pest problem. 

7. Fall Pre Emergent & Fertilizer:

Pre-emergent treatment that targets cold weather weeds. This treatment  will also eliminate any broadleaf weeds. Lawn fertilizer with granular  lawn food with iron and hou actinite, this will benefit soil PH levels.  Brown path control with iron in St. Augustine.

8. Winterizer:

Liquid application of pre and post emergent to extend protection against winter weeds in your lawn.