Benefits of aeration

This is one of the best non-chemical treatments for a healthy lawn also  considered as one of the most important things you can done to your lawn  each season, this mechanical core removal process allows fertilizer,  oxygen and water to penetrate deep into the roots where healthy grass  germinates, it also prevent compaction and diseases. It is very  difficult for water and nutrients to penetrate compact soil, if the  majority of the water and nutrients material is located close to the  surface of the ground, the roots of your grass will also grow close to  the surface. 


This makes the roots susceptible to damage from heat stress, foot  traffic, freezes and wind chill. The deeper and more extensive the grass  root systems are, the thicker, greener and more healthy your lawn will  be. Spike aeration does NOT accomplish this nearly as well, spike  aerators simply poke holes in the lawn but do NOT remove the cores.  Strong healthy roots also help your grass to naturally fight off  diseases such as Dollar Spot Fungus, Bipolaris Disease, Brown Patch,  etc. Dollar Spot and Bipolaris Disease are most evident, in lawns that  are stressed and have weak roots, and is often first seen around the  edges of the lawn by sidewalks and driveways, this is due to the  increased soil temperatures from the concrete and asphalt which compact  the soil and damage roots. 

Even if your lawn is lush, thick and green, you should still core aerate  it every season. Aeration is more useful as a preventative measure than  a corrective one.